Ergonomic Workplace Evaluation of a Trading company

Ergoera received a request for an Ergonomic office evaluation at the office of Al Tannan General Trading. The request was came from the deputy Manager’s office because of ergonomic concerns and they wanted to see how Ergonomics could help them to effective space utilization as well as employees.



We evaluated entire premises of the concerned workplace of the trading company.

We observed employees doing routine job tasks (task analysis) and took still photography and video of these tasks. The video footage and pictures allow us to document employees’ risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs).

We measured the heights of workstations when employees did their daily (display system equipment) DSE tasks. These measurements determine the mismatch between the work station components and of risk of injury.

We talked with employees about their work and medical history.

We performed a space survey and safety round to find out the effective and safe space utilization solution


There were several mismatch between user-workstation components.

Employees were also at an increased risk for low back and upper back WMSDs. This risk was due to awkward posture adopted due to mismatch between human- product and lack of knowledge of good workstation practices.

The most common WMSDs among the employees reported shoulder pain, low back pain (LBP), eye strain.

The space utilization was not effectively done; lots of scope to improve the functional space utilization.

Some ergonomic furniture have been suggested to address the mismatch of man-product mismatch. Also three different concepts were presented (with design drawing) to address the effective and safe space utilization