Our story goes several years back to 2013! The original Ergoera was conceptualized and born in Dubai, UAE as a consultancy business providing services in Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety Documents (OHS) management domain. Being unique in its offerings in consultancy services and training it strategically served as a local provider for many global brands till 2017! Fast forward January 2023, after few years of hibernation Ergoera relaunched as Ergoera Services Inc. in a new geographic location Canada with a fresh new look and branding! This time with an array of newer service offering with a robust strategy alongside Ergonomics and Human factors, OHS management system.

It Is

The first step we take is to understand you and your business; we need to get inside what you do, how you do it and what is your goal. We observe, we listen, we engage and we identify the key truths. This research based approach provides the basis for our recognition of your system requirement, users’ goals, needs and motivations.

Our team of experts do the background work that brings validity to our findings and can be easily replicable in the similar set up. We learn from other sectors – we bring over lessons from our diverse experience as well as from specific benchmarking activities.

Vision &

Our vision is to make each workplace Safe, User Centric, Productive, Ergonomic and Realistic (SUPER)

Our mission is to help businesses in their Occupational Health Safety and Ergonomics journey by providing consulting, training and mentoring support ensuring productivity, compliance and best ROI.


This unique specialized consulting services company is founded by Dr.Era Poddar, Principal HFE (Human factors and Ergonomics) consultant and Director. Era is a forward-thinking entrepreneur, researcher, leader and public speaker with over twenty years of experience in EHSQ/Ergonomics program management, Occupational Health Safety (OHS) Management, HFE design, professional consulting, research and training. She led and worked with multicultural team across the globe including North America (USA and Canada), Asia, Middle East and India. She trained in EFQM (equivalent to BNQP, USA) and guided several local, national and multinational entities on their business excellence process, safety and ergonomics program and quality practices.

With years of facilitating and coaching experience (both in higher education and industrial set up) in Design Ergonomics, Human Factors, MSI control, Cognitive Ergonomics, Research Methodology, User/Consumer Research, and Experiential Design, she led several multidisciplinary design projects and research projects.

With a Ph.D. in Industrial Ergonomics (NIOH, India), she holds an International General Certification in Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH-practical application), UK. She also has a Mini Executive MBA certification from Sauder School of Business, UBC, Canada.

She is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada, where she teaches and mentors graduate level students on Ergonomics and Human factors topics.

Era believes “Ergonomics and Human factors concept should be incorporated into management strategy to gain optimal benefit and best ROI” for any given industry or project.

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