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Ergoera Services Inc.

We are a specialty Ergonomics and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) consultancy firm incorporated in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Ergoera Services Inc. provides value added OHS services led by experienced consultants in diverse domains of health safety and ergonomics, who will work with your organization at each step.

Ergoera services Inc. is committed to improve productivity and safety in workplaces across the region by using scientific principles. We are experts in improving workplaces. We help organizations to make their workplace safer, comfortable and more productive with the highest quality recommendation in a timely and a cost effective manner. Our services can provide support anywhere from shopfloor to office and beyond.

We Do

We are here to bring tangible benefit to you and your company at every step. Whether you need to implement Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system and MSI control initiative or a single risk assessment, we can join hand to achieve your goals. We don’t sit in the conference room; we are in the field whenever required. Be it in a single problem area or be it in the initial stages of developing a comprehensive safety management process our consultants are ready to help. We offer a wide range of OHS services like Ergonomics and Human factors, machine safe-guarding and beyond to be customized for you and your business.

Consulting and Program Development

How to start? Where to get in? Wondering how to build a sustainable injury management program? Call us!

Education &Training

Education and training play a huge role in establishing safety culture and best practices, talk to us today to explore our offerings.

Risk Assessment

Every organization is unique. Risk assessment in various areas is critical. Reach out to us to discuss!


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