Ergonomic office Evaluation of HR Director of Novonordisk Pharma Gulf, Dubai

Ergoera received a request for an Ergonomic office evaluation at the office of HR Director of Novonordisk pharma in Dubai. Mr. Thomas (HRD) was experiencing excruciating pain on his right arm. The pain was so terrible that he could not shake hand and was waking up between sleep.

We conducted level 3 DSE evaluation (an in-depth ergonomic office evaluation) for Mr. Thomas. After finishing all the analysis on the data generated from the site visit; we gave a detailed report which explained how and why the problem might cause with possible solutions.

The highlight of the assessment:

  • There were several mismatch between user-workstation components.
  • The workstation habits and lack of knowledge about good workstation practices led the user to adopt awkward posture which in turn increased risk of WMSD.

We also suggested products Mr. Thomas should get to achieve well supported neutral posture while working. We also guided him on the workstation habits he should modify and briefed him on good workstation practices.

Mr. Thomas followed all our suggestions and got the products too. After around 2 months we got a call from him saying that he was almost pain free.