Ergoera ergonomics consultancy services is a provider of Ergonomics (including design ergonomics), Injury Prevention & Safety Consulting & Training based in Dubai, UAE

Ergoera consultants are qualified Workplace Ergonomics/Human factors Professionals with extensive expertise in Design Ergonomics, Risk Assessment (Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention), Ergonomic Assessments, Injury Management, Ergonomic Accommodation & Job Suitability Assessments, and Occupational Health, Safety & Hygiene.

Ergoera ergonomics consultancy services is dedicated to improve productivity and safety in workplaces across the region by using Ergonomics principles. We can help organizations to make their workplace safer, comfortable and more productive with the highest quality ergonomics recommendation in a timely and a cost effective manner. We are experts in improving workplaces. Our services can provide support anywhere from kitchen to office and beyond.

We at Ergoera help bringing tangible benefit to you and your company at every step. Whether you need to implement global ergonomics initiative or a single risk assessment, we can join hand with you to achieve your goals. We don’t sit in the conference room; we are in the field whenever required. Be it in a single problem area or be it in the initial stages of developing a comprehensive ergonomics process for you our consultants are ready to help. We offer a wide range of ergonomics services to be customized for you and your company.


Our consultancy services can help your company to reduce the man-hour lost, compensation cost, and musculoskeletal disorders; prevent accidents, optimization of the space design and safety, selecting the effective furniture and so on.

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This service includes a walk through review of operations, interviews with facilities management, operation personnel and related individuals, review of all records such as injury statistics, workers’ compensation, and such at your place.

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Training plays an important role to achieve a problem free workplace. The right training for right people at the right time will help your organisation to achieve its sustainable gain over the years. We have skilled Ergonomists and experienced trainer on board.

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