ERGOERA ERGONOMICS CONSULTANCY SERVICES IS DEDICATED TO IMPROVE PRDUCTIVITY and SAFETY in workplaces across the region by using Ergonomics principles.

We make your workplace safer, comfortable and more productive with quality ergonomics recommendation in a timely and a cost effective manner.

We improve productivity at workplaces. Our services can provide you support anywhere from kitchen to office and beyond. We can help you bringing tangible benefit to you and your company at every step.  Be it any unit level/function specific issue or cross-functional. Whether you need to implement global ergonomics initiative/model or a single risk assessment, we are a phone call away. We address any issue or manage any risk to achieve your goals in a systematic and scientific manner. We don’t sit in the conference rooms, we are in the field wherever and whenever required.

Whether you need an Ergonomic solution for a single problem area or you are at the initial stages of developing a comprehensive ergonomic process/model, our consultants will be available as your strategic partner for trouble shooting/Ergonomic solution. We offer a wide range of ergonomics consultancy services to be customized for you and your company.


At ErgoEra, we are dedicated to take up any challenge be it a design project and your workplace we are determined to make them safer, comfortable and more productive with the highest quality ergonomics recommendation in a timely and a cost effective manner.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become most trusted ergonomics consultancy in the region

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How We Do It

The first step we take is to understand you and your business; we need to get inside what you do, how you do it and where you want to go. Then we need to understand your process, customers and users. We observe, we listen, we engage and we identify the key truths. This research based approach provides the basis for our recognition of your system requirement, users’ goals, needs and motivations.

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